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Voicemail on Hunter’s Laptop Proves the President Lied

CLAY: Daily Mail Online, as they continue to investigate Hunter Biden laptop. Remember when those 51 security apparatus officials all said, “Oh, it’s Russia disinformation,” and then you keep seeing more and more of these videos, including one that came out today — it’s getting a lot of attention of Hunter Biden — with one of many escorts that he was paying for. This one, however, is not necessarily salacious in nature at all.

The reason why we’re about to play you this voicemail is because Joe Biden has said that he never discussed the Chinese business interests of his son. That is the official position of Joe Biden as it relates to the millions of dollars that Hunter Biden made from not only Chinese business interests but also Ukrainian business interests. Oh, by the way, the two countries that are right now in the middle of the biggest geopolitical storm in the Biden administration. Will China or will China not invade Taiwan? Kind of a big deal. Ukraine has already been invaded by Russia. Well, Joe Biden wanted to call, and Hunter Biden, we know, is a crackhead, and a lot of the choices he made do not make sense.

BUCK: And by that you mean literally a person who does crack.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: Yes.

CLAY: Literally a crackhead. And much-of-what he did was irrational, but he saved everything on his laptop, and then he took his laptop to go get repaired and all this data continues to come out. This is Joe Biden leaving Hunter a voicemail specifically referencing a New York Times story that had to do with Hunter Biden’s involvement with China. Again, Joe Biden on voicemail to Hunter, listen.

CLAY: Okay. So, this is Joe, Buck, specifically discussing a New York Times article about Hunter Biden’s Chinese interests in terms of his business dealings, saying that he thinks the story was good for Hunter; he wants to talk about it with him, directly in contravention to what he has said that he never discussed his business dealings, Hunter’s, with China.

BUCK: “The Times’ 2018 story,” according to the Daily Mail here, “”pointed out CEFC’s chairman Ye Jianming had been arrested in China and his top lieutenant Patrick Ho had been convicted in the US for bribing African officials to help Iran evade oil sanctions. It revealed that Ye had met with Hunter at a Miami hotel in 2017 to discuss ‘a partnership to invest in American infrastructure and energy deals.'”

So, the only reason… I mean, that’s the end of the quote there. The only reason that any Chinese businessmen want to meet with Hunter Biden is because of who his father is. We all understand that. The only reason you would even talk to Hunter Biden — whether you’re a Burisma natural gas company in Ukraine or the CEFC corrupt Chinese energy investment consortium — is that you want to buy access to Biden and, by association, any other very prominent Democrats that are on the Rolodex. That’s what this is all about. To your point, Clay, Biden has clearly lied about this.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: And the Democrats do not care. But I do start to — of course, ’cause lying Democrats, whatever, no big deal. But I do wonder if at some point — and this has been bandied about for a little while — the corruption… They’re holding all this back right now. The Democrat media apparatus is holding back the revelation that the Biden family is selling influence, that Joe is compromised here, has been compromised for a long time. And when you see the way they talked about the Trump family, it was always everything was a criminal.

CLAY: Criminal crime family.

BUCK: Everything was a criminal conspiracy, every business deal that Trump did overseas was illicit, whatever, right? They were constantly going after this stuff. They were insane. This is actually happening. You do wonder if at some point the Democrats recognize that Biden is such an electorally liability for them that this is the pressure point they use on him to convince him to, for health and age reasons, step aside. The only reason I think that we can’t get a sense is, I don’t think they know, meaning the Democrat apparatus, whether they want him to do that yet because they don’t know — they don’t think they know — who his opponent will be.

CLAY: I think that’s correct. I do believe that Biden’s use to Democrats is nonexistent almost. As soon as Republicans take back the House and the Senate, which we think they will do in a little over four months. Now, you’ll still have the lame-duck session, which could be a danger zone, until people get sworn in, in January, because who knows what the Democrats might try and ram through once they actually lose their majority.

Just worth keeping in mind. But what I’m waiting to see happen, Buck, is I am waiting to see a prominent Democrat announce that he or she is willing to challenge Joe Biden. Because that is going to be, I think, the sign that they’re trying to officially shove him off the stage. It could be Gavin Newsom. It could be Hillary Clinton. It could be. It’s probably, certainly not gonna be somebody from inside of his campaign apparatus or certainly his cabinet. But somebody external.

And if I had to put money on it, I would put money on it being California Governor Gavin Newsom as being one of the first people who was willing to officially announce, hey, I’m primarying Joe Biden. He doesn’t get a free ride to another term in office, another nomination, I should say. And therefore, then everybody else has to make a decision and Joe Biden is really put on notice. Because if you remember — and I’m not an expert on this campaign because I was a baby, basically, when it was happening, this is what happened to Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter was sitting president, got elected because of Watergate, I believe there’s an analogy you can make as covid being the Watergate equivalent of Democrats. In other words, there’s no way Joe Biden gets elected president, much like Jimmy Carter unless Watergate, a/k/a, covid of the twenty-first century happens. So, Jimmy Carter’s in office, he gets primaried by Ted Kennedy, if I’m not mistaken, wins his party’s nomination but is mortally wounded.

And then Ronald Reagan comes in, and we get a landslide 1980 Ronald Reagan win, followed by another one in 1984. To me, that is what history is repeating. The question I have is, I think there’s a decent chance now, Buck, that Joe Biden isn’t even going to run to try to get the nomination, and this is the beginning of the end. All of these stories, the dam breaking is starting to flood now with Joe Biden.

BUCK: Let’s just assume for a second — and I just want you to call your shot, okay?

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: Biden doesn’t run, who is the Democrat?

CLAY: I hate him, but I’m starting to think it may be Gavin Newsom.

BUCK: I’m sensing that, too, from Democrats. That’s why I was… I’m sensing they think he is their guy.

CLAY: Gavin Newsom is their guy.

BUCK: Interesting. Interesting.

CLAY: And if it’s Gavin Newsom, then I think the question becomes intriguing for Republicans. We’ve been forecasting this 800-pound gorilla battle between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. It’s one thing if it’s Trump-Biden. How does it change if it’s Newsom-Trump or Newsom-DeSantis? Who is the better combatant there? I’m really legitimately terrified of the idea of Gavin Newsom as president because I think he’s genuinely not a good person and also made the worst decisions of any governor during covid and yet was rewarded.

BUCK: He is soulless but politically skilled. Kamala Harris is not politically skilled, for example, as somebody else who — and I think people would assume Hillary is. It’s past her time to do that. I really… You don’t sense the enthusiasm among Democrats for Hillary getting back into it. I don’t see that.

CLAY: No. And if we had DeSantis versus Newsom, for example, it’s really a proxy war for covid response.

BUCK: Yes.

CLAY: Because those are the two most divergent governors who are still in office right now —

BUCK: And about the same age or close to it, different generation for leadership as well. And I do think that a lot of folks feel like some of these Democrats and some of these Republicans who in their eighties —

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: — it’s time for them to spend more time with the grandkids.

CLAY: I think there is an element of that. And so, it could be a generational shift where Gavin Newsom decides he’s gonna challenge Biden in an effort to kick him to the curb. And I don’t know exactly how this is all gonna shake out, but when you’re seeing all of these stories which are being increasingly covered by the CNNs and the MSNBCs and the New York Times and the Washington Posts of the world and you’re asking yourself, “Why? Why are they suddenly the acknowledging the Hunter Biden laptop? Why are they suddenly covering it?” It’s because Biden’s usefulness as a Democrat is essentially all used up and they’re ready to cast him aside. There’s an argument. That’s what I believe is going on right now.

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