READ: Buck Sexton agrees with Trump, bring our troops home

Only one place for it all, Impeachment central at CNN. Welcome to the Buck Sexton Show everybody. Look, I like that the left, the libs. They're just being honest about this stuff now. I prefer it that way. I prefer that they would just show us that the impeachment of the president of the United States is a game to them. It's a sports event. Really. They give us all these talking points. They whine constantly about the need to protect our sacred institutions, the sanctity of our democracy. And then it's, Hey, let's put the impeachment scoreboard up on the screen and let's see, we can impeach this president. Nancy Pelosi changed her Twitter avatar last night so that it would show her standing up at a meeting with the president of the United States on, at least allegedly, theoretically, to discuss Syria. And she was pointing her finger at him, and Trump said that she was being crazy. That doesn't surprise me at all. The Democrats have been, have been quite crazy all along here. My favorite part about this meeting, and keep in mind now, everything that we're discussing about Syria is also very much affected by the Democrats. Dishonest impeachment push. And everything that we're discussing about impeachment right now is also being added to by the whole Syria fiasco where you have a tremendous amount of dishonesty in the discussion. From people all across the national security apparatus, including a lot of conservatives, a lot of Republicans. I think some of them have just forgotten the real context for what is happening in Syria. I think they don't really understand or aren't remembering clearly what happened in that country, what is likely to happen in that country if we were to stay. But these things now are all very much tied together. My favorite moment though, because as you know, you come to the Buck Sexton show to learn, to laugh and to crush the commies. My favorite part of the exchange between Trump and the Democrats who came to meet him at the white house was hearing Chuck Schumer speak.

Oh, the best part of that, Trump apparently saying that because there are commies involved here. You commies meaning the Democrats might like that. I'm sorry. That's kind of funny. Not as funny as tweeting out a Nickelback clip with look at this photograph because Joe Biden was golfing with a Barisma executive and Hunter Biden after telling us that he had never had a conversation about it there had been no discussion about any of that whatsoever. But there was another part of this Chuck Schumer monologue, and I thought it was worth noting president Obama and just, you know, the, the president of the United States did. In fact, tweet out this morning, a quote from me and the quote, it's a quote of my tweet, and here's what the leader of the free world put out on his Twitter account this morning.

This is the point that we have to remember as we discuss all of this as we discuss everything that's going on right now in Syria. The Obama administration made a decision not to put any US boots on the ground in Syria that was there big contribution in foreign policy. And in fact, when they were challenged on this issue, they fell back on the mantra and it wasn't, it was actually a more profane version of this, but don't do stupid stuff. Do you remember that? That was on Syria, don't do stupid stuff. That's the Obama administration. Even Hillary Clinton herself, she came out and said that that's not an organizing principle for foreign policy. A gentle way, because remember she thought she was going to be the next president of the United States when she was secretary of state saying that stuff, a gentle way of saying that the Obama team just thinks that they can dress up inaction as strategic brilliance. So they did nothing while Syria not only became the ISIS hotbed, that then enslaved a few million people for years, mass rapes, mass executions, torture, attempted genocide against the Kurds. All that happened on Obama's watch. We decided we were gonna do regime change in that country. So we were committed. Well, once you've done that, you're committed, right? We're not committed, although I'll get into this the same way on Syria. But if the Obama administration didn't do anything worthwhile to stop the rise of ISIS, in fact, they went as far the, the ISIS fighters swept through Mozal a very important city in Northern Iraq on the Tigris river. That was the gateway to Iraq for countless suicide bombers from Syria during the U S the major portion of US military occupation of Iraq. And they got within what, 30 or 40 miles or so of Erbil in Kurdistan. And at that point when the Islamic state was threatening to completely overrun Kurdish cities, it would've led to mass atrocities, execution, total destabilization of already shaky Iraq at the time. Then Obama goes, alright we will do an air campaign, but we're going to do it really slow. And a lot of allies, let's bring in the allies. They'll do a lot of the fighting for us. No, they won't. They'll do a lot of the heavy lifting from the sky. No, they won't. And all of a sudden president Trump takes over. The Islamic state goes from a global threat that's supporting and propagating ideology that is radicalizing people all the world, including here in America. You know, like Omar Mateen, the pulse nightclub shooter, and the San Bernardino shooters and jihadist's is to see the Islamic state as a Clarion call to arms. That's all going on. And then Trump comes into office and says, I've got an idea. Let's just crush. Let's just crush ISIS. Let's just do it. And let's work with whoever can get the job done on the ground. In this case, it was the Kurds. And after that destruction of the Islamic state, the eradication of the leadership in, or at least chasing them out of Rocca, if not taking them out, the president has decided, okay, well now we have the issue, not so much of defeating ISIS as just a counter terrorism campaign, but of Syria overall. What do we do in Syria? What is our end state goal? You have a lot of people who are saying things right now that they think sound very smart like we should have negotiated what exactly that all the regional partners would just destroy the Islamic state for us.

We've been trying to negotiate that for a long time. We cannot trust the Turks. We cannot trust the Russians. We can not trust the Iranians. We cannot trust the Syrians. So who exactly are we supposed to negotiate with? Now I'm also seeing a lot of complaints, a lot of criticism that the president's plan is too hasty and there are people who are saying that that means in and of itself that the idea behind it is wrong. I disagree and I know I'm kind of a lone voice these days. There's not a lot of people that are taking my side on this one, including on the right. We have to stop justifying continued US military presence in countries where we do not have an immediate national security interest and where things are going to continue in a state of tension, in a state of constant fighting or just get a lot worse and deteriorate. Where, where have we been able to draw down successfully? And as I said, people will point to Iraq. That's a different case. People will point to Afghanistan now I think have a stronger point to make because Afghanistan, we've been there for what, almost two decades now. And every year it's, well, conditions on the aren't good enough. All right, well maybe it's not about conditions on the ground being good enough. Maybe it's the mission is over time to come home or just accept that we're going to have permanent military presence in active conflict zones, different than having a base in a country at peace. Um, and that, that's going to be our foreign policy forever, which does feel a bit like empire, doesn't it? Well, let's all be honest about that.

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