READ: Dems have a night of crazy socialism at debate

Last night we had the opportunity to watch the Democrats do their thing on stage and this is one of these days where part of me feels like, I wish this was not the primary, the the overwhelming news item, because this is going to be one of these days where it's a little troubling to think that this is the other political party in this country. Wow. It was some stuff last night, folks. I was watching and I thought to myself, this is basically the socialism Superbowl. This is now out in the open out there for everyone to see. The democratic party has embraced a European style, not just social welfare state, but state control. Central planning that I think exceeds what you would see in most European countries. Perhaps all of them. I mean the green new deal as described by the libs exceeds anything we have seen in European countries to date. I also want to take a little bit of time today. I think it will help illustrate when I say things like the libs, the Democrats are crazy. I know that that can sound a little bit too sweeping, too broad. So what I think is helpful is to look at how there are some Democrats who are substantially less crazy than others. And that was something that we certainly saw on display last night as well. Some Democrats had a good night, even if I think their plans are totally bonkers, who did well, who did poorly, who's insane, who's somewhat normal. Those are some of the layers that we will get into today from the debate last night. But first and foremost, let's just understand that the Democrats now as a function of the overall message of the party not based in what any one individual says, the Democrats embrace a full on government takeover of your healthcare. 

Sure some are saying, a Medicare for all plan versus a just Medicare option. Guess what? The Medicare option most likely will turn into a Medicare for all plan. It's the difference really last night with all these different candidates between the continued incrementalism of the progressive's, Oh, we're not gonna go that far. Just do this thing for us. Just do this thing. Let the government take control of this aspect of your life and that aspect of your life versus those who say, like, Elizabeth Warren, "we should be in charge of everything. We don't want those rich wall street bankers to be making all the decisions for us. Let's let a panel of experts do it." People never learn. They never figure out. They never figured out that we have plenty of history on this. These experiments have all been tried, does not work. For those who point to a Bernie Sanders, for example, and think, Oh, but that's aspirational what he's talking about and wouldn't it be a good thing if we could get there? I say no, because if we had what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and some of the others on that stage want us to as the guiding and not even principles, the guiding hand in our economy, which would just be the government, there would be innumerable deficiencies, not just in the market, but it would violate your freedom. The tax component of this is something that's difficult for the Democrats to just get around. How are they going to pay for a free healthcare for everybody, except the rich people are going to pay for it, right?

Free healthcare for everybody. Free childcare for everybody. Free college for everybody. Free, free, free, free. Well, there's going to be a lot of taxation to do that and when we say taxation, what we really mean is adding debt to what is already seemingly an unsustainable debt load over the long term, but just add even more debt, more trillions and trillions with a T, putting it off onto future generations. And I know that this is not a happy moment folks, but you know what the history of Fiat currency is? It's very simple. It always goes to zero eventually. There's always a crash. There's always a dissolution of that currency when it is not by anything solid. When it is not pegged to anything that cannot just be fabricated out of thin air, it goes to zero. We've run this experiment in the past. This is not a good thing for us. And yet here we are now with half the country believing the promises of the Democrats, that this is only going to be on the backs of the rich. Meanwhile, the rich, if you look at taxation, we already have a very steep progressive income tax. And yet the hope I think is that they'll make it even more so. Bernie Sanders is talking about an over 90% tax rate on certain levels of income. European countries have tried this, didn't work out with a millionaires tax in France. I think Russia has a flat tax. Now. I'm not saying we should emulate the Russians on taxation, but they do, I think they have a 10% flat tax or 15% flat tax, something like that. They got their own problems though. People don't pay it. So they have a flat tax and a lot of rich people just don't pay. But last night was a lot of empty promises and even scarier than the emptiness of the promises, the prospect of those promises being made real if they were able to follow through on it. Let's, let's dig into some of this. Shall we?

The major topics last night were addressed except for immigration, which I thought was so interesting. I can't even remember if there was really any specific, it was a long debate. Very boring. It was like a high school chemistry lecture from hell. Nothing particularly interesting. Perhaps the most interesting moment was when Camila Harris was trying to go to Elizabeth Warren into supporting banning Trump from Twitter as if any serious person thinks that's going to happen. And Elizabeth Warren was like , not on my watch, not today. But back to the issues here. I mean it was nothing new particularly. And I think the avoidance of immigration as a topic was probably to the Democrats benefit because they've just completely themselves on that issue. There are some parts, some aspects of the Democrat platform that would accurately be described as extremist on abortion for example. Obviously I think the Democrats are insane. I think their party has completely lost their minds. But on issues like, on issues like abortion and immigration, they have fallen far out of anything that could be considered the mainstream. Forget about who's right and who's wrong, what the ethics are and all that for just a moment. The American people aren't with them on this stuff. They're not with them on open borders, they're not with them on third trimester abortion. And on some of these other areas, there was a clear incoherence. You know, you had mayor Pete, for example, with all these proclamations about how he, he wants us to get out of the middle East, but, but, but not the way Trump is doing it. Okay, well, when are we ever really able to get out of the middle East? When are we ever able to just pull the plug and say, enough is enough. These are the questions the Democrats did not answer and need to answer. The biggest single policy agenda item, because it's the dream of democratic socialists and continues to be so, and has been for over a hundred years in this country. health care that the government pays for and controls health care is a human right. Medicare for all, which is not even an accurate description of what it would be. Let's dive into that. My friends. 

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