WATCH: Shirtless Florida Man Climbs On Top Of Rescue Truck, Taunts Police

Blue Flash Light Of Police Car Against Red Fire Truck

Photo: Reinhard Krull / iStock / Getty Images

A Florida man was engaged in a two-hour standoff with police after climbing on top of a fire rescue truck in Miramar on Tuesday (September 26) morning.

Police responded to the area after receiving reports of a man acting crazy and dancing in the street. When a fire rescue truck with the Miramar Fire Department arrived at the scene, the man jumped onto the roof of the vehicle and continued to dance and taunt the police.

At one point, the shirtless man started exercising and doing yoga poses as officers pleaded with him to come down. He also appeared to be smoking an unknown substance.

After two hours, the man finally climbed down from the roof of the rescue truck and was taken into custody. 

According to WSVNlaw enforcement knows the man, who is reportedly homeless and has had previous encounters with him.

Officials said he will be taken to Broward County Jail, where he will processed and formally charged. Authorities did not provide details about what charges the man is facing.

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