Norfolk Middle Schooler Publishes Kid's Book To Help With Covid-19 Grief

Photo: Coconut Dreamz LLC

A middle schooler in Norfolk, Virginia is using her creativity to help her peers deal with the life-changing impact of COVID-19.

At just 11 years old, Cameren White wrote and published Coconut Saves The Day: The COVID Monster, a book she hopes to help others cope with a loss from the pandemic.

"My inspiration for my book is the fact that so many people lost loved ones to COVID-19," Cameren told WTKR News.

"It was a huge life-changer for everyone, especially kids, especially me," she added. "I thought it would be nice to defeat a COVID Monster since it seemed like nothing else could."

In an interview with WAVY 10, the 11-year-old said her grandfather and about a dozen other relatives contracted the virus. Her book was a way offering hope.

The middle schooler is enrolled in honors courses and has already sold 200 copies of her book since it was released late last month. Cameren also said she's already working on a second book and held a book signing event in her hometown.

To purchase your copy and to check out more from the young author please click here.

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