Man Tries Giving Cops Fake Name, Despite Real Name Tattooed on His Neck

They say getting a tattoo means you have to live with it forever - something one man in Illinois might have thought about after he tried to give police a fake name on Friday.

According to a statement from the Mattoon Police Department, officers were investigating a forgery that involved Matthew C. Bushman, of Mansfield, on Friday night (Oct. 18) when they asked for identification.

"Mr. Bushman provided police with a false name and date of birth to avoid arrest on an active Peoria Co warrant," the release stated.

Bushman, 36, has "Matty B" tattooed across his neck (maybe he got it to save other people time in remembering his name?), and he did not pass the speech check with officers. The 36-year-old was quickly arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. He was taken to the Coles County Jail.

However, at least Bushman's aborted attempt at trying to fool officers did not involve a fake movie prop, like what one underage Iowa student tried to pull off at a bar last week. When the 20-year-old man in Iowa was allegedly caught sipping vodka in front of officers and asked for identification, police caught him with a fake driver's license that featured 'McLovin' a character from the 2007 teen comedy, "Superbad."

Photo: City of Mattoon Police Department

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