2021 Parkersburg Christmas Parade

Downtown Parkersburg

2021 Christmas Parade Saturday, December 4, 2021

Theme: Twelve Day of Christmas Parade start time:


Info for Parade Applicants:

Get Parade Application HERE

• Due to VERY LIMITED SPACE and SAFETY CONCERNS please arrive together with your group.

• Line up to enter the parade line up will be in the back lot of PHS off 24th Street.

• Shriners will line up on Greasy Neal Drive. • Flat bed floats and Emergency Response Vehicles will line up on upper market Street. • Line up will begin at 11:00 am. • Assigned Numbers WILL INDICATE IDENTITY not your place in line.

• There will be NO parking at the Drop Off! There is parking all around on the side streets if it is necessary to meet your Unit (Float/Display).

• IF your vehicle is NOT in the Parade we cannot let other vehicles stay in the staging area. Please MAKE ARRANGEMENTS IN ADVANCE to carry items in for decorating the floats or displays.

• Once in place please stay with your Unit.

• Please be sure your Non-perishable food donations are dropped off at registration.

• THROWING OF CANDY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Your group is welcome to hand out candy along the parade route.

• PLEASE arrange for pick up of your groups participants at a location away from Second Street. The end of the route is a turn into Second street. Please do not stop the flow of traffic to unload there. Pull over or go to the location you designated with you group.

• Awards will be judged according to this year’s theme. Place awards will be given in both the commercial and non-commercial categories. Awards will be announced in the newspaper.

Please Complete and mail applications ASAP to Parkersburg Homecoming Parade P.O. Box 1372, Parkersburg, WV

26101 For More Information Contact Lori @ 304-481-4159